10 Basic Human Needs - What Do We Need To Be Happy and Successful in Life?

By Etai Gilad| Sep 18, 2017 | basic Needs |

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Did you water your garden lately?

If it was a really hot summer and you didn’t water your garden would you be surprised if it was dry? If a plant doesn’t get enough sun is it surprising when it doesn’t grow? Of course not! Common sense says that a plant needs the right amount of water, sun and the right soil to be able to grow to its full potential.

But not only plants, every organism in nature has some basic needs it must meet in order to thrive. Naturally, as humans, our needs are more sophisticated than a plant.

Basic Human Needs are physiological, emotional and psychological needs. If they are unmet for too long it will contribute to anxiety, depression, addiction and other emotional issues.

In this video, I’ll reveal what are those needs and you’ll find out how meeting those needs helped thousands of American soldiers…

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