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Etai came to my rescue six months ago when I hit rock bottom with full-blown PTSD. I was so paralyzed by depression that I couldn’t even take a walk or do basic household chores. 

We met once a week online to  systematically release each of the most painful ordeals of my life since childhood. I became lighter and more free with every session until all my trauma was gone. 

Now the memories seem so far away, and I can’t even conjur up the emotions that devastated me most of my life. After three months meeting Etai,
I became fully functional and even started thriving in a new business project. What astonishes me the most is that I got more drastic and profound results during his online then I did from decades of in person sessions with other healers. 

When I think of all the progress I’ve made lately, I am extremely grateful for what Etai has done to save my life.

S Harmon (USA)*


At the beginning of my session with Etai, I felt nervous, it felt embarrassing for me to share personal grievances, Etai had a way of attuning his attention with me that brought a sense of reassurance. I left feeling humbled and breathing easy.

Sheila (NZ)*


“I had two sessions with Etai for different issues and after both sessions, I was a changed person…It was seriously life changing. I couldn’t believe even just one session could have such a result. I was able to be in the comfort of my home and did each session at the time that suited me best. Etai helped me to overcome my fears and to completely shift my mindset out of an unhealthy space to one of positivity and groundedness. Etai was my last lifeline and he was able to deal with my needs straight away in a professional and thoughtful manner. Etai provided me with follow-up support and Audio Hypnotherapy to support my session. I would recommend Etai’s incredible service to anyone”
Sophie G. (Australia)*


“Hi Etai, I like to thank you for helping me so far. It has certainly given me a backbone again. I feel more self-assured and experience less fear towards changes and new steps in my life. In general, i am more ‘out there’, without pressure, feeling curious and open-minded. Thanks again,”
Caroline (USA)*


“My name is Jenny-Lee. I sought help from Etai because I had been suffering from fitful sleeping and insomnia for a few years. The insomnia had started during my perimenopause years and gradually developed into bad habits. By the time I had my first session with Etai, I was waking on the hour, every hour, and often staying awake for several hours from 3am onwards. It was immensely draining, physically and mentally. I felt fatigued, irritable and my body ached. It made it difficult for me to function properly at work. It also eliminated much of the social life that I’d had prior to the problem as I increasingly preferred to stay at home, resting and relaxing, rather than expending energy I didn’t have being social. Just before the sessions with Etai, I tried herbal sleep tablets. I thought that would be a simple cure to a common ailment but I either had no results at all or I had a drug-induced sleep that left me feeling sluggish and foggy all day. My “last ditch effort” had failed spectacularly. I began feeling a significant improvement in overcoming my insomnia after just two treatments. I was amazed at how quick and effective Etai’s methods were. During the sessions, Etai helped me focus on the root causes of the problem. His suggestions for dealing with insomnia worked instantly and have had a most remarkable effect on breaking my bad habits. According to my Fitbit, I still have fitful sleep but I no longer wake up, fully alert, in the middle of the night. If I happen not to fall back to sleep immediately, I am able to use the deep breathing exercises he taught me to fall asleep quite quickly. It’s been a long time since I was awake for hours in the wee, small hours. Now, I feel alert and refreshed in the mornings. I can keep up with the demands of working, socializing and everyday activities such as housekeeping and gardening. Etai’s sessions with me were carried out via the internet. At first, I was not sure that hypnotherapy would work this way. I needn’t have had any concerns. The sessions are crystal clear and, as Etai is often in beautiful, lush surrounds, it’s actually very soothing. If there happens to be an interruption, Etai talks you through it without letting it become a distraction. During the treatments, I felt extremely relaxed. I felt an almost “floaty” feeling. I would recommend Etai to anybody searching for effective healing. He is passionate about his work and he is very good at it. I am proof that his knowledge and practices can effectively realign and adjust both emotional and physical health. Perhaps the best thing for me is that his practices eliminated my perceived need for, and possible dependency on, harmful or potentially dangerous medications that could have lasting side effects on me.”
Jenny-Lee (Australia)*


I can’t recommend Etai enough. He helped me on two separate occasions, one to help me manage a phobia and a second through a period when I had anxiety. His methods are both holistic and fast-acting. He is the real deal, the best at what he does ?

Simone (NZ)*


“Since being a child I have had heavy issues in relation to my parents, partners and negative thinking which resulted in low self-esteem, self-worth, suicidal thoughts, trust issues and depression. I have had a conventional therapy which caused so much pain with the ‘digging’ and didn’t really help me! I went to see Etai in a totally desperate state with the world on my shoulders and in a very, very dark low place. Etai was my saviour. I walked out from seeing him weightless, ‘happy’ and giggling to myself. That night I slept through for the 1st time in months. I would not have believed that one painless relaxing session has made me into a 48-year young confident woman with a positively exciting future ahead. Thank you ‘my genie’ Etai.”
Debs (UK)*


“As a musician, I have always been lucky to have almost no performance anxiety when performing other people’s music.  Performing music I wrote myself, however, was always a stumbling block that I wished to overcome. I had  a hypnotherapy session with Etai to help gain confidence in that respect,  After the session, I felt extremely relaxed and calm, and as it happened, soon after this I had a solo gig. It went smoothly, and it wasn’t actually until after the performance was over, that I realised I had overcome an obstacle in performing my own original music. I believe that a hypnotherapy session (even just one) like this can help with many different things on many levels.”
Kate Adams (Australia)*


“After a year of depression and six months of conventional therapy, I finally came to my senses and had a session with Etai. The very next day I awoke feeling as if a giant load had been lifted from my shoulders. Following the second (and final!) session I felt a complete return to my old sunny self. I was literally singing his praises in the street! Thank you so much Etai!”
Gen P (Amsterdam)*


“As a professional Guitar player, I need to go on stage to perform often. I come for a session with Etai because I had a hard time keeping focus during performances; I felt it physically and mentally. I was afraid for my career as a stage performer. My experience now is quite more “Real”, I still experience fear, but from another perspective, I am able to see it from a little distance and focus easier on what I am doing while I play, and even laugh at it! During these performances I have been able to accept the change of state of mind, to go with it and go for it no matter what. I realize now how much time and energy I spend on preparing for the nerves!! As opposed to, preparing to play music on stage… I am starting to have a more energy now, to just do it! And really enjoy my playing. The one hypnosis session I had with Etai was an important part of the process of dealing with my stage fright, and it gave me new and useful tools to face it and begin to overcome it.”
S. Lascurain (Chile)*


Working with Etai enacted a fundamental change in my being that had a deeply positive impact on my life.
I came to him after a traumatic experience had resurfaced and was completely consuming my life.
After one session, I noticed my mind and body start to let go of thoughts and images I had previously believed would torment me forever.
After our second session, I felt like I had arrived at a place mentally and emotionally that would have taken years of therapy to achieve.
Etai is kind and compassionate in his work, and blissfully absent of any judgement or opinion in the face of the situation at hand.
I would highly recommend Etai to anyone who is working with an issue they’ve struggled to change on their own. Etai’s work is deep, effective, healing, and non-invasive. I look forward to working with him again. 
Kate (NZ)*


“I have noticed positive changes – in fact I was blown away with how quickly after seeing Etai, that I actually ‘felt ‘ a significant ‘lifting feeling ‘ very amazing. 
I feel good enough to keep motivating myself for the better, and I thank you Etai sincerely for getting me on track.” 
Maree (NZ)*


“I had an amazing online session with Etai at art of change therapy
Etai made me feel very comfortable and talked me through several personal issues.
He recorded a hypnosis session with me which I was able to listen to afterwards as an mp3. I listened to the recording for several weeks after our session. It helped me to ease my stresses and concerns. I definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking to have a healthy mind!

Thanks again Etai!”

Chrysta Everett (Canada)*


“I have noticed so much change in my life since my session with Etai, I gained confidence and am able to be in public settings without anxiety or panic setting in.  I have found ease around meeting new people and gained strength in facing others.  Thank you so much for your guidance and your gift of healing. I have joined a local gym again and am getting back in shape, I used to be a runner and cardio kick boxer but after the accident I lost interest in things important to me.  I have found the confidence to rejoin these activities and it feels amazing!”
A. Ledieu, (USA)*


“I went to see Etai after suffering from a bipolar disorder but had given up on all conventional medicine. I knew that I wanted to do things differently. For years, I had not had a normal night’s sleep and didn’t know what it was like to go to bed and sleep. After the first session with Etai, I was sleeping like a baby. It took a bit of practising and sticking to some rules but now sleep is not an issue I think about at all anymore. Another miracle that is happening in my life is that he helped my thyroid to turn around and get stronger. I slowly started using less and less medication. Besides the fact that Etai really helped me I also felt very much supported in my journey. I have had four sessions with Etai and I feel that I was helped and guided where other forms of treatment seemed to fail. Thank you Etai, for your support and care. I could not have done this without you.”

Ruth P. (Amsterdam)*


I am better able to deal with the problems that had always been there.  There are still those moments when I need to check myself and remind myself to react in a more mindful manner.  But I have found that I feel more open to people – A better friend, better daughter, better listener.
K. Jantzen (USA)


I come for a session with Etai after few years of suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) with no real help from the medical world. The next morning  I felt in good shape and the pain went diminishing gradually during the next three days. During last week I experienced a return of the symptoms , I realised that I was under mental stress again. I entered in a trance and remembered the stories which you told me; the next morning I felt great again. Thank you Etai, your session was a great learning experience!
Julio (Mexico)*


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